56. Cold Prey

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  • Song Name: 56. Cold Prey
  • Artist: The New Gorepress Gorecast
  • Year: 2013

After spending much time battling SkyNet over two different providers, we're back. Sure we're bloody and the T1000 killed loads of teenage boys, but we're back to bring you more horror movie waffle. This was meant to be an apology for not getting the episode to you last week. It sort of works, right?

Anyway, this month we're travelling around the World of Horror to discuss some offerings to the old gods by countries with small but well-formed horror industries. This week takes us to Norway, where we discovered highly-rated slasher flick, Cold Prey, along with a whole heap of unpronounceable names complete.

We also offer short reviews of Dracula 3000, Ginger Snaps 1 & 2, Rob Cordry's Childrens Hospital, and Nic Cage's Taken-alike, Stolen. We also posit a potential Freddy vs Jason sequel with some unexpected horror characters.

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