57. Purana Mandir

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  • Song Name: 57. Purana Mandir
  • Artist: The New Gorepress Gorecast
  • Year: 2013

After getting our hot air balloon caught on a pylon, we're finally in India. A few days later than scheduled but hey, at least we made it!

This week's slice off of the World of Horror comes from The Ramsay Brothers, Bollywood's first family of horror. Purana Mandir was made in 1984 and terrified an entire generation of Hindi film fans. Although little-seen out of its native land, Purana Mandir is hailed as a classic in India and for good reason. Containing everything from lavish dance numbers to demonic dealings and even chucking in some Kung Fu for good measure, Purana Mandir has a little something for everyone. Listen in to see what our western sensibilities make of this all singing, all dancing demon house movie!

We also stop off along the way to discuss the brand new Evil Dead remake, Netflix originals; House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, low budget space Jesus crap-fest I Am Here... Now, and Freddy Vs Jason.

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