Episode 7: Shadow Bangers From A Shadowy Podcast

  • Play:
  • Song Name: Episode 7: Shadow Bangers From the Shadowy Podcast
  • Artist: Sour Grapes Podcast
  • Year: 2012

So after nearly a month of deafness, idleness, deadlines and vomiting, we’re back with a new episode, and it’s back to business as usual, except the songs are songsier, the tangents are far more long and rambling, and it ends in a Mexican standoff. One or more of the previous statements may be a lie. Try to guess which one. So yeah, Sour Grapes 7 GO!


1. Lightyear- That’s The Way That It Goes, Big Nose
2. Hot Cross- Exits And Trails
3. Discount- Am I Missing Something
4. Captain, We’re Sinking- Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
5. Aspiga- Laughing This Off
6. Good Clean Fun- Punk Rock Love
7. Stuntface- Time To Fly
8. Army Of Flying Robots- The Goths Brought Revels And I Felt Cheated
9. Brat Pack- Hate The Neighbours
10. Wooderson- Mint Condition