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  • Artist: Sour Grapes Podcast
  • Year: 2012

Aaaaand we're back. In an attempt to bring structure to our meandering rants about geeky crap and punk rock, we've decided to introduce a modicum of structure in the way of themes and regular features. This week, we focused on pay what you want/legally free labels Quote Unquote and Kill Your Own, so be sure to check both those sites out for some lovely free music.

Also, we discuss why Emogame 2 is the greatest game ever, Pacific Rim and Jamie's deep love of Crass. As an addendum, the out takes for this show were far funnier than anything we left in. We'll try harder next time, I promise.


1. Cold Ones- Dead End Job
2. Bomb The Music Industry- Even Winning Feels Bad
3. Bangers- The Funny Side
Spotlight: 4. Horace Pinker- Into The After
5. Sauna Youth- Big Bobbles
6. Sanawon- Drifting
7. Caves- Time And Time Again
8. Laura Stevenson And The Cans- Landslide Song/The Dig
9. Bonestorm- Expire
10. Shinobu- Teachers Get Tired

Memory Lame: 11. Crass- Big Man, Big M.A.N

12. O Pioneers!!!- You Know That Part In Superman III...