47. Terror Train/Post Apocalyptic Movies

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  • Song Name: 47. Terror Train/Post Apocalyptic Movies
  • Artist: The New Gorepress Gorecast
  • Year: 2012

Join us in the Two Tubs pub in Bury for this placeholder podcast because the show we had planned fell apart at the last minute. You read it right, Jamie and Sarah are in the same room. Not since October's Grimm Fest have they occupied the same space and recorded it for you aural pleasure.

Today's featured movie is the 1980 slasher Terror Train. Directed by Roger Spotteswoode and starring the ubiquitous Jamie Lee Curtis, Terror Train proved a tough film to chat about. But we still managed it!

Then, as an extra bonus just because we were feeling chatty, we bring you an extended meandering conversation through some of our favourite post apocalyptic movies. Inspired by the fact we live in a post-Mayan calender world, we take a journey beyond the Thunderdome all the way down The Road to Stake Land.

Add to this the usual preamble of what we have been watching lately, which this week includes House at the End of the Street, Dr. Giggles, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Chernobyl Diaries, and Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven. I'm sure you'll agree that it truly is a very long episode of the Gorepress Gorecast.

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A big happy new year to everyone out there from the whole Gorecast/Gorementary team!