50. The Mist

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  • Song Name: 50. The Mist
  • Artist: The New Gorepress Gorecast
  • Year: 2013

For week three of Guest Picks Month, we invited filmmaker Jamie Hooper to join us in the Gorecastle to chat movies and disagree on stuff. Hooper is the writer/director of Plastic Love, a fetishistic love story about obsession and loss which will be doing the festival circuit in 2013.

For Jamie's featured film, he picked Frank Darabont's The Mist from 2007, full to bursting with CG monsters and worse humans. It divides us, but I think we squeeze a pretty decent discussion out of it. Obviously, there are spoilers galore.

We also press Jamie into discussing Les Miserables, Django Unchained, Rare Exports, CGI vs practical, Freaked and much more!

You can keep up to date with Jamie's film projects at www.jamhoop.com or fingercuffproductions.co.uk. You can also find him on twitter @FingercuffJAMIE.

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