51. Phenomena

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  • Song Name: 51. Phenomena
  • Artist: The New Gorepress Gorecast
  • Year: 2013

For the final week of Guest Picks month, we roped in one of the Gorecast's best friends to come and chat with Sarah and Jamie at the Gorecastle. Zombiehamster's Colin McCracken graced us with out presence with his choice of feature discussion in the shape of Dario Argento's Phenomena. In our preliminary discussions, he suggested that it should be a choice because it has a monkey. We agreed. What followed was one of Jamie's favourite chats about a movie in the history of the show. It was a fast and frantic dissection of one of Argento's best and almost no stone was left undiscussed.

We also chatted about Rob Zombie's cinematic output, John Carpenter's Vampires, mumblecore, and loads more. With some Arrow Video worship thrown in just for fun.

You can familiarise yourself with Colin's output by heading over to ZombieHamster.com or by picking up copies of Diabolique, Shock Horror or Scream Magazine. You can follow him on twitter @zombiehamster.

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