Pancake Valentines February Spectacular!

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  • Song Name: february2013edit
  • Artist: Andi
  • Album: Andi's Album
  • Year: 2013

Join Andi and Jamie as they tear through a bunch of new and classic tracks both in and out of the genre that you’re used to hearing from them. They got Postal Service, they got Off With Their Heads, they even got Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s a crazy dance party for the ears. And that’s not all.

Sour Grapes goes deeper, asking questions about the issues plaguing society at the moment such as:

Will HMVs imminent closure mark an upturn in business for independent record stores?
Who is this Flag band and why should we care?
Has Community lost its heart without Dan Harmon?
These will be answered, along with many more in this super special episode of Sour Grapes.

Track listing:

1. The Murderburgers - Unemployment, Here I Come Again
2. Off With Their Heads - Nightlife
3. The Postal Service - Tattered Line of String
4. Texas is the Reason - The Magic Bullet Theory
5. Desaparecidos - Anonymous
6. Broadway Calls - Lucky Lighter
7. The Lillingtons - I Saw The Apeman
8. Well Wisher - Fast Past
Memory Lame: Rites of Spring - Hain’s Point
10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street