54. Pet Sematary

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  • Year: 2013

Before we start, we have to apologise. The reason this episode is late is entirely down to the fact that it took Jamie a whole day to reconcile misspelling 'cemetery'. It's a condition, and he's working on it.

But hey! We're back for another week of Female Director focused shows due to February being Women In Horror Recognition month! This week we take on Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary, a film that has haunted both Sarah and Jamie since youth... Steven King, Mary Lambert and Herman Munster take you on a trip to a place where bloodied dogs and Achilles tendons are not safe.

Also discussed in this episode; the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, Wreck-it Ralph, which dog language might be scariest, Jamie's love for Tommy Boy, Sarah's love for Lawn Dogs, and two of the best recent horror documentaries, Never Sleep Again and More Brains.

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